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1000Hz Ballasts now available for F1.8k Faceted Par ⋆ Southern Lighting Solutions

1000Hz Ballasts now available for F1.8k Faceted Par

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Southern Lighting Solutions is pleased to announce that the Filmgear F1,8k Daylight Par Faceted fixtures, in their rental fleet, now come with an 1000Hz, high speed Electronic Ballast.
The Filmgear F1.8k has a specially designed faceted reflector and boasts the latest tech.
It is an asset on any set.
Each fixture in the faceted par range has a colour temperature of 5600K and an operating range of +45º ~ 0º ~ -45º. Accessories include lamp head to ballast cable of 15 meters, 4-leaf rotatable barn door, set of 4 Scrims (full single, full double, half single, half double), scrim bag, safety cable, safety wire and spillring.
Contact us now for more information on rentals info@southernlighting.co.za


Do you know about what3words?
Southern Lighting supports the what3words global addressing system. The world has been divided into a grid of 3mx3m squares and assigned each one a unique three word address. what3words provides a precise and simple way to talk about location.
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